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Crazy Wife Farm is location for most of Billie Best’s memoir, How I Made a Huge Mess of My Life (or Couples Therapy with a Dead Man).

Billie Best is a wellness blogger at and author of two books, a memoir and a collection of essays and short stories. Her avid fans love her honest and funny advice on life beyond 60. She’s a role model for fearless aging. After a long East Coast career in marketing and technology, and several years as a farmer, Billie resides in Oregon with her boyfriend and her dog.

In this uplifting memoir she tells the truth about her life. Things look perfect on the outside, but she’s faking it. Inside she’s a mess. After 32 years of marriage, she’s a widow alone in her dream house keeping up appearances as she discovers the details of her husband’s affair. Yet she protects his secret, even from her friends, because she feels like a failure. It takes years for her to embrace her mistakes, let go of her past, and reinvent herself, but with gutsy determination she does it. Women challenged by the need to adapt to a new life, downsize and start over, will be inspired by this story of strength and resilience.

Most of the story takes place at Crazy Wife Farm in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, a small scale livestock farm where Billie farmed alone for seven years after her husband died.

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