Crazy Wife Farm: How a Lifetime of Mistakes Becomes Wisdom

By Billie Best

Crazy Wife Farm: How a Lifetime of Mistakes Becomes Wisdom follows the evolution of the author from her 20s to her 60s, when her marriage and the life she’s known end, and she must design a new life for herself. Her story speaks with poignancy and humor to women over 50 seeking role models for how to enjoy their independence, cope with unexpected changes, and age with grace.

From waitressing to the music business to advertising to high tech, she is a successful self-made woman only to quit her corporate job after 9/11 and reinvent herself as a farmer. Nostalgic for his glory days in the music business, her husband slides into a midlife crisis, an affair, then cancer. In the aftermath, she wrestles with grief and anger, until at 62 she shakes off her widow skin and takes her dog on an adventure to become a new person in a new world. Her memoir is a fearless account of the mistakes that got her where she is today — a whole woman living a whole life.

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