Billie’s new book “I Could Be Wrong” is an anthology of her most popular blog posts from Widowspeak Publishing released November 2020.

Entertaining, beautifully written and right on the money, the 54 blog posts in “I Could Be Wrong” were authored between January 2019 and October 2020 and originally published each Wednesday on Billie’s website at Short and to the point, these delightful three-minute reads reflect on our life and times, the experience of aging and menopause, the power of women in midlife, and the changes that build our strength and resilience as we evolve through them.

Occasionally quite sober, but mostly just for fun, this is adult humor, wit and wisdom in bite-sized chunks, perfect for the fractured attention span. To add to the amusement, each post includes an imaginary tarot card illustrated by Brenda Rose, because aging well is all about how you play your cards. Both thought provoking and laugh out loud funny, “I Could Be Wrong” is a mini vacation for your mind.

Included in this collection are Billie’s popular posts on menopause: an encounter with the Wrinkle Fairy, a fantasy of consumer electronics for menopause, a study of hot flash fiction, her menopause conspiracy theory, and a critique of our cultural failure to appreciate menopause as a personal renaissance.

Several posts share the experience described in her memoir, “How I Made a Huge Mess of My Life (or Couples Therapy with a Dead Man),” including advice on how to deal with a midlife crisis, how to handle a marriage breakdown after 30 years, how to plan death like a wedding, how to process grief, how to move forward after becoming a widow, and how to downsize and start over.

Age, aging and ageism are topics woven through many posts as Billie finds herself senior and single, living alone in the city and experimenting with dating, all of which lead her to reconsider her youth, the trials of being an older woman, the issues of gender that pervade her experience, and the challenge of confronting her own mortality.

Many posts illuminate the social isolation, fear and peculiarities of the Covid-19 pandemic from the start of home quarantine and social distancing in Spring 2020 to the irony, sadness and social malaise of summer, and the frustration that sharpened to anger with the mounting death toll in autumn. These posts commiserate with humor as they document events that will leave their mark for generations.

At age 66, Billie Best is a compelling voice for women passing through midlife into late life. A talented writer who publishes on her website,, her blog titled Beyond 60: Loving Life, Staying Relevant is read weekly by thousands of viewers.

How I Made a Huge Mess of My Life (or Couples Therapy with a Dead Man) by Billie Best — But it Now!

Billie Best’s memoir is a provocative, at times hilarious, account of her midlife mistakes and misadventures, and how they build her strength as she copes with her soul mate turned cheating husband who wants his death to be performance art, his doppelganger mistress who wants to steal her identity, and the financial collapse of the farm she loves. An inspiring tale of a woman’s rites of passage from her 40s to her 60s when everything in her life changes.

A force of pure energy and determination, there is nothing Billie won’t tackle: the perfect marriage, the mid-life career change from successful executive to idealistic farmer, and even, when her husband falls terminally ill, orchestrator of a flawless death-plan according to his wishes. But it takes her ten years of denial and suffering to confront and then triumphantly overcome the cracks in this ideal picture, the specter of infidelity beyond the grave, her obsessive need for tidiness and order, and her attachment to ephemeral things. — Hester Velmans, author of Isabel of the Whales and Slipper

Billie Best knows her way around rock bands, corporate America, small scale farming, and the most complicated business of all: matters of the heart. With her powerful writing, sentences that can lasso, seduce, inspire and bring tears to eyes, Ms. Best ventures where few dare with such naked honesty. — Maria Nation, screenwriter  

Best’s story about finding love both sensually and architecturally — along with disaster in both realms — is brave, boisterous, ballsy and just downright fun to read. The voice is accessible but intelligent, candid but heartfelt. Get copies for your favorite friends because if they borrow it, they’ll never give it back! — Courtney Maum, author of Touch and I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

An illumination of a woman’s power in midlife, Best’s memoir is a gutsy saga of how a marriage breaks down after 30 years, what to do (and not to do) when your husband cheats on you, how to deal with a midlife crisis, how to plan your own funeral and die at home, how to move forward after becoming a widow, and the personal renaissance of downsizing and starting over — in short, this book is about how to age well.

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Billie Best is a Baby Boomer born in 1954 and speaks to her cohort, most particularly women over 50, with her own hard-earned wisdom on life’s uncertainty, the renaissance of menopause, fearless aging and coping with ageism. As a professional she has reinvented herself numerous times from the music business to marketing and technology to small scale farming and becoming an author. Her blog “Beyond 60 — Loving Life, Staying Relevant” at has established her as an entertainer, a feminist and a voice for change. Her first book was a memoir titled How I Made a Huge Mess of My Life (or Couples Therapy with a Dead Man, from Widowspeak Publishing, March 2020. I Could Be Wrong is her second book, an anthology of 54 blog posts released November 2020. Currently she resides in Oregon.