Crazy Wife Farm — A widow’s love story

By Billie Best

Crazy Wife Farm is the story of 40 years in a woman’s life as she evolves through her achievements and her marriage to become an elder feminist.

Ambitious and bruised by the music business in her 20s, Billie falls in love and gets married, finds her way into the technology business in her 30s, and then, after her success in the corporate world, buys a farm at 45. She is living her dreams until her mother shows up in town with dementia, and her husband slides into a midlife crisis and gets cancer. Consumed by managing their healthcare and deaths, and jolted by the sudden revelation of her husband’s infidelity, she becomes a widow at 55. In her own eyes she is a failure, and takes a seven year fall into depression, until age and debt rattle her into selling the farm and starting over single in the city. In leaving her old life and creating a new one, she finds her voice, unexpected freedom, a deeper understanding of herself as a woman, and curiosity about the process of aging. At 65, she launches a new career as a writer, and she’s just as fabulous as ever.

Crazy Wife Farm speaks with poignant humor to those seeking role models for coping with loss, changing lifestyles, and aging.


Coming Spring 2020. Learn more about Billie and read her blog at